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CF Class

In CrossFit Class you get 60 minutes of functional and constantly varied training. Here you become a master of your endurance strength and coordination.



CrossFit Oxygen gives you 45 minutes of active stamina and HIIT training. Increase your stamina and general fitness.


Work on Strength and Agility Power in our Power Yoga for CrossFitter.



Snatch and Clean & Jerk are still far away, but you want to learn the technique properly? Or do you just love to move heavy weights? Then let our Oly trainer Alex "The Mountain" introduce you to the secrets of the weights.

RX +

In our competition programming you will be brought to the very top. Heavy weights, persevering workouts and physical resilience are trained here. Furthermore, especially high-skill Oly and gymnastics exercises are on the plan to practice.




Prices and registration

Work on your skills on the horizontal bar and exercises with pure body weight. You want pull-ups, pistols and muscle-ups? Then you are exactly right here.

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