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We are your HYROX  partner  in the Rhine-Main area. You take part in the competition but have never pushed a sled and the ski erg also makes you uncomfortable? Then we are your training partner! Let yourself be won over by our world record holders and world final  Participants  get fit for your HYROX experience.


give your workout a goal

HYROX,  (​  This is)​  the sporting event for the winter: up to 2,500 participants in the 14th  different cities and spectacularly equipped exhibition halls. HYROX is a combination of a total of 8x 1 kilometer running alternating with 8 different workouts from the functional fitness area.

8 facts

  • 9 events across Germany from October 2019 to April 2020

  • different performance classes

  • Singles and doubles competition (team of 2)

  • Team and age group rating

  • Timing

  • Global rankings

  • Huge indoor arena

The competition

  • 1km run

  • 1000m SkiErg

  • 1km run

  • 2x25m sled push

  • 1km run

  • 2x25m sled pull

  • 1 km run

  • 80m Burpee Broad Jump 

  • 1km run

  • 1000m rowing ergometer 

  • 1km run

  • 200m Kettle Bells Farmers Carry 

  • 1km run

  • 100m sandbag lunges 

  • 1km run

  • 75x / 100x wall balls


The crowning glory of every HYROX season are the world championships for the various age groups. Event location 2020: BERLIN. What is special: In addition to an unbelievable backdrop and an exciting competition between the best HYROX athletes for the world championship, there will be a special world championship party, high-quality goodies for all participants and attractive prize money. ​

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