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The coaches Thomas & Seb have been carrying out the Body Transformation Challenge of 50 Degrees North CrossFit since the end of September 2020

On this page we present you the testimonials from some members.

Body Transformation Challenge - Final Report Franzi


I won my challenge


My goal was:

- Fat & weight reduction (83.6 kg à 78 kg)

- muscle gain

The BCT helped me to accept myself that way

like I am. I am now 1.82 m tall and not a delicate one

Lady of 1.68 m. I've been back for

I hated my body and I literally hated the food

forbidden. The challenge taught me that I was

move heavy weights with my body

and this is very beneficial for my sport CrossFit


I eat my 250g protein every day and track when I do

I don't even know what my "standard food" in terms of calories

have to continue the macros.

I have significantly less food cravings and eat less sweets.

I feel strong and healthy at the same time. I couldn't reach my desired weight of 78 kg, but I lost girth and built up muscles:

Waist: -5cm; Belly -8cm, bottom: -6cm

Upper arm: + 1cm, thigh: + 1cm

I am very satisfied with the results I have achieved and more than proud of them.

Many thanks to my coaches Thomas & Seb, you have always given me great support.

Franzi, your coaches Thomas & Seb are very happy with you. Thank you for being part of our team.

Keep working according to the motto: THE BEST PROJECT IS YOU


Body Transformation Challenge - Final report Björn


I won my challenge


Hello, my name is Björn,

I have achieved my goal and I feel

very good! In January 2020 I have the first

Times at 50 degrees north CrossFit an oxygen

Attended class and I knew immediately: that is

my sport!

At that point, I had already worked with that

Diet change started.

I quickly have greater success through sport

seen. Thanks also to 50 Degrees North CrossFit,

that you supported us so well during the lockdown with home WODs and equipment.

So I managed to lose 20 kg by the start of the Body Transformation Challenge. My goal in the challenge was to reduce my weight by another 10 kg. Thanks to the support and individual nutritional advice from my coaches Thomas and Seb, it was as much as 11 kg and the waist circumference was reduced by 12 cm.

Even when I had to overcome a temporary "dry spell", my coaches were there for me and encouraged me to keep going and not to leave the path I had taken. That gave me the drive I needed again.

A big thank you to you, Thomas and Seb.

I had a lot of fun with the challenge and with the other participants. In the last few weeks I have learned so much that I am going into 2021 stronger than before.

PS: in 2020 I lost a total of 31 kg!

Björn, your coaches Thomas & Seb are very proud of you. Thank you for being part of our team. Keep working according to the motto: THE BEST PROJECT IS YOU


Body Transformation Challenge - second success story from Aline


I won my challenge



My name is Aline!

I am 32 years old and from Brazil. I moved to

Germany due to my job in 2018. So ... the BTC is

a double challenge for me as I do not speak

German YET!


I am quite an active person. A couple times a

week I practice sport, including Crossfit and

Pole Dance. I was happy with my weight and

body, but I knew that there might be room to

improve  So I decided to join the challenge!


The experience has been amazing so far ... I am changing habbits! And this is so hard !!

I am eating healthier foods and even discovered some hidden cooking skills. I have lost 3.5 kg since I started the project.

I am so excited with the results and really motivated to keep going!


Thanks to the coaches for the entire support !!

Thanks also to my friends that the box gave me the opportunity to meet!


Aline, we coaches Thomas & Seb are so proud of you. You did an amazing job. Stay on track, stay as positive as you are and don't change the direction




Body Transformation Challenge - Interim report from Christian after week 6



my name is christian and i am

44 years young.

I was a passionate footballer and

Sport was always the focus.

After I stopped playing soccer

I have become very comfortable and

the sporting activity has always been

less in my life.

I continued to eat like an athlete

but burned significantly fewer calories. So my weight has increased over the last few years and now I feel very uncomfortable.

I saw the Body Transformation Challenge as an opportunity to change something. I discussed everything with my long-time friend Thomas and off we went.

At first I was very skeptical. I should eat more and lose weight, I couldn't believe that.

My coaches Thomas and Seb have provided me with nutritional coaching  given and calculated my calorie consumption and macro distribution.

So I was able to lose 3.5 kg in the last few weeks due to the change in diet, which makes me super happy. Now I just have to manage to reintegrate the sport into my life.

I will stay tuned and will reach my desired weight.

Christian, your coaches Thomas & Seb are very satisfied with you. Keep up the good work, the first big step has been taken.


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