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The way to success

Exercise, Eat, Sleep  - repeat!

Follow this process  and concentrate mentally on the things that you can influence.

These 3 factors are the most important elements in order to achieve every goal in the long term.



Get regular training. Athletes who train between 4 and 6 times a week will have the most success. Consistency and regularity are the driving factors. The most important thing is that you go. We take care of the rest.

Clean sequence of movements!

 Those who move well will not be injured. Those who are not injured can go to training regularly. Better to weigh less, but with clean processes. Always be ready to improve your technique

Train hard !

Nothing can replace hard work. The magic lies in the intensity of the training; this is where you will benefit the most.

The workout



Eat real food!

If the food had eyes before, grew out of the ground, or had to be plucked from the tree, then it is real food.

Anything that is given a fancy packaging and a fantasy name is usually not real food.  

Eat so much that sport and work work great,  but not so much that it promotes obesity.

Eat slowly, focused and without a screen, stop at 80% saturation. Often less is more here.

If  if you are still hungry, eat  Vegetables as much as you want.  

Drink enough water every day.

Often only thirst is confused with hunger.

Balanced foods!

Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, low in starch, and no sugar.

Appropriate amounts!

Example of a perfect meal  :

  • 1 palm of protein (steak / chicken / fish)


  • 2 espresso cups of starchy vegetables (sweet potato /

      Potato / brown rice)


  • 1 thumb-sized healthy fat (butter / walnuts / olive oil,



  • 2 coffee cups  Vegetables (carrots / broccoli  / Beans)

The sleep rhythm 

Good, adequate sleep!

You can only perform well if you sleep well and sufficiently

  • Sleep at least 7 hours a day.

  • Make sleep an important priority .

It has to be dark and cool in the SZ

Start with a sleep ritual and always go to bed at the same time and always get up at the same time

  • No screens in the bedroom

  • No caffeine after 4pm


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