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Am I fit enough for CrossFit? Our answer is always yes, you are! All exercises are scaled to your current fitness level and in the first step we teach you the clean execution (technique) of elementary CrossFit exercises.

The focus is on improving body awareness, improving strength and endurance as well as mobility. 

The next dates:

We offer every Wednesday at 19.30h and every Saturday at 14h the chance to get started. You must have participated in a total of 3 different units each 90 minutes in order to have passed the Element Course and to participate in the normal classes.

Wednesday 19.30h

Saturday 14h

What do you get:

99€ for 3 x 90 min Elementscourse with a skilled coach

Rest of the month training

When concluding a contract after the elementscourse you get the full amount (99 € back).

Started from the PVC!

Everyone started with the wooden pole before they "allowed" the weights. In the first few hours you hear terms like burpees, overhead squats and see cryptic shortcuts on the board. At the same time you see athletes in the box lifting 100kg or walking 10 meters in the handstand. You'll quickly discover that you can memorize the terms after just a few training sessions and everyone is treated the same regardless of their performance status.


You would like to try CrossFit, but first you want to find out if you enjoy the sport? Our Element Course offers anyone who has no experience with this form of training, an introduction to the regular CrossFit training sessions (WOD Workout of the Day).

YOUR Coaches

The element course is conducted by a certified CrossFit Level 1 or 2 trainer and includes 3 intensive training sessions in a small group. The trainer individually scales your workout according to the current fitness and physical mobility.


After successfully completing the elementscourse, you can decide completely freely how to continue with us. Make CrossFit your sport and get fitter than you ever were.

Romans 100 Tage

Romans 100 Tage

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